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Our Historical Background
 Historical Background


Initial conception of an ambitious business plan regarding the development of an entrepreneurial scheme promoting IT Applications.


Cooperation development with The Laboratory of Electroacoustics & TV Systems, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Polytechnic School of A.U.TH., regarding the development of the first Video Data in the history of the Olympic Games in Athens.


Implementation of the initial concept into the form of a spin-off, as a result yielded within the framework of the "Innovation Pole" Programme, Region of C. Macedonia, Greece. The main target of the project was the development and expansion of research outcomes into commercialised services as well asproducts followuing specified standards and regulations (GSRT Resolution, Strand 4, “Technology Innovation &Research”)


SportScout has recently evolved into its existing legal entity, with a promising business profile in the development of innovative expert software programmes for Sports.



SportScout was successful in winning the Research Award for its submitted “SPINN” proposal and corporate business plan, within the framework of the IST Programme, under the auspices of the European Community and the Region of Central Macedonia in Greece.


SportScout, in cooperation with the CERTH and the URENIO A.U.TH. research unit, Region of Central Macedonia in Greece, won the 3rd Innovation award within the imlementation framework of the "Business Excellence" Operational Programme (Competitiveness & Entrepreneurhip).


SportScout is a spin off company established within the framework of the Innovation Pole of Central Macedonia,
a GSRT project funded by greek and european resources.