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9th International Conference of Physical Education and Athletics

9th International Conference of Physical Education and Athletics

Komotini, Greece, 18-20 May 2001




E. Tsamourtzis1, N. Sfingos2, A. Tsibiris3

 1Democritus University of Thrace, The Department of Physical Education in Komotini, Greece,

 The German Sport University of Cologne, Germany 

 3 The Computer School, in Serres, Greece

The main aim of this study is the presentation of the Sportscout Application for PCs; the Sportscout application constitutes a multiple basketball phase search Data Base. According to it, the Basketball Coach has the potential for recording all the taken actions of interest during a basketbal match or training and consequently analyse them and project them to the players over a PC. In case the videorecording has been issued in an analog form, it can be transformed by the means of a video card into a digital form. The application has been developed in Visual basic v.6.0., requiring at least Win95 environmental properties for the needs of a match covering 1 GB on a free hard disc. 

The Euro 2001 preliminary competition between the National basketball Teams of The Czech Republic and Greece comprised the sample presentation  for this application. The particular analysis assessed the general participation of the players on a strategic plan basis as well as the frequency of whistles by the referee. 

This analysis itself can serve as a spying tool in the user's hands providing the perfect guideline to analyse the next opponent's behaviour on the field.       





Ν. Sfingos1, Α. Tsibiris 2, Ε.Tsamourtzis 3


 The German Sport University of Cologne, Germany 

2 The Computer School, Serres, Greece

3 Democritus University of Thrace, Department of Physical Education, Komotini, Greece.


The aim of this study is the presentation of the SportScout application especially developed for PCs, with the view to multiple searching for particular football match phases. The football coach has the potential for recording all the the taken actions of interest during a footbal match or training, in order to analyse their tactics and project them to the players over a PC. The application has been developed in Visual Basic v.6.0., requiring at least Win95 environmental properties for a match covering more or less 1 GB on a free hard disc. The football competition of Manchester United against Panathinaikos over the ChampionsLeague 2000 - 2001 preliminaries comprised the sample presentation for this application. 

The particular analysis assessed the players' behaviour during the game, as well as all scored goals, the goalkeepers' defensive actions, as well as the referees' whistle blowing frequency.

The analysis itself can serve as an effective brief presentation of the pros and cons of the teams' tactics on the field, as well as a spying tool in the hands of the inquisitive coach, with the view to improving their players' performance.




A. Tsibiris1., E. Tsamourtzis 2., N. Sfingos3.

1Computer School, Serres, Greece 2DEMOCRITUS UNIVERSITY of THRACE, Komotini, Greece, 3University of Cologne, Germany 


The purpose of the study is the explicit and integrated digital videoanalysis enhanced by the means of the developed Sportscout Software, issued in Visual Basic v.6.0. The video release exploits the AMovieCtl routine/sequence, compatible for the smooth running of the software in Windows 95/98/ME environment. The video data can be recognised/detected/read only if it is in an .avi, .mpg ή .m1v. form. 

For ultimate release results an .mpg 300x200 pixel release at 16-bit colour depth, a sample collection release rate of at least 15fps or 2000Κbps is recommended. This release corresponds to the quality of an S-VHS video. All video scenes can be stored by the means of a cohesion, equivalent to Excel worksheet (newtessheet = tabellefeedback.Sheeform), which facilitates the fast search for all electronically stored sports phases (t).

The particular software shares exactly the same action potential (copying, deleting etc.) as Excel; in this way, lists of individual sports phases can be immediately created. The phase selection can be enhanced by the means of the PC mouse, defining thus the beginning and the end of the phase. Further to this, following the analysis scheme, which actually remains open and changeable according to the needs of the sport under investigation, the criteria corresponding to each phase can be selected for analysis. The analysis scheme can hold 10 x 5 x 65536 = 3.276.800 different phase data. Each one of the phases can be enriched with written or oral comments, such as graphics, statistics, goals scored, game/phase duration, etc. What is unique, is the fact that a particular phase can be accessed in more than one games simply by combining all the above criteria. The Sportscout software can assemble all the phases sharing the criteria in question into a single video clip, so that they can be accessed in succession or in the particular order their list has been developed.



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SportScout is a spin off company established within the framework of the Innovation Pole of Central Macedonia,
a GSRT project funded by greek and european resources.