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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

For those who get professionally involved in Sports Championship, the following scenario looks pretty familiar:

You have just finished the Weekend games and you have already started thinking of how to cope with your next rival team. You would certainly be searching among representative matches for their past performance, be it one of their best or that particular one during which, a famous and reliable player of theirs performed rather low over the last two games due to a kind of mild injury or was penalized and away; after you have found them, you record them on two or even three video tapes, which you keep playing forwards and backwards, trying to spot the particular scenes of utmost interest to you, in order to show them in succession over the following team meeting on the grounds of discussion analysis of the rival's behaviour. You may also want to assemble the scenes in an attractive for the players' sake way, trying at the same time to keep the show as short as 20 min. at the most, so that they don' t lose either their enthusiasm or their ability to concentrate on the techniques in process. This is indeeed a time consuming procedure taking up long hours even late at night, not to mention all the trivial and unpredictable problems that could come up during the video operation. Following the traditional old way, you have been simply reassured that  your mission has been accomplished, the game is over, while hardly ever would you spend further time on analysing your own team performance in order to feedback your players, leaving aside all those data and details missing from your records, disabling you from retrieving specific scenes from previous games; to make matters worse, the video tape you have personally created for your team's needs will gradually become demagnetized and you cannot actually remember its contents.


It is exactly this gap created by a whole series of complications SportScout Applications can bridge together, offering in your own hands the solution you have always been after. 

it simply gives you the ability to watch the whole game once, overlapping all the secondary scenes, record it - following a particular analysis graph - so that you can always change it on demand or even search on a list for those scenes of interest to you according to your individual team's needs.




Your personal computer will only have to immediately assemble a single video clip containing everything you have personally chosen before.


SportScout is a spin off company established within the framework of the Innovation Pole of Central Macedonia,
a GSRT project funded by greek and european resources.