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Welcome to SportScout Ltd.
Welcome to SportScout Ltd.
SportScout Ltd. is a promising private  company specialising in the development of expert software applications for capturing, analyzing, scouting, filing and provision of audiovisual material feedback via video databases.


There have been 3 product lines developed:

  • SportScout STA

Coaching tool for analyzing tactics in Team Sports activities; it is a stand-alone application

  • SportScout NET
Sound Network Video Database for AV filing and feedback provision.
Tailor made for sports activities with individual event feedback needs. 

  • SportScout 40

All-in-one System

Capturing, filing, simultaneously analyzing up to 40 crieteria as well as provision of AV material feedback and Video Database Management potential.
Client Server application.


SportScout STA

User friendly coaching tool for analyzing tactics in sports. Sportscout STA comprises an open analysis tool available to all users for their own analysis scheme development related to the every single sport of their interest, created to fully satisfy even the most demanding and advanced user.
SportScout STA comes out in three (3) different versions: light, ultimate & pro at the starting price of € 1,500.00.It is a stand alone version, with the following main characteristics among others:    

* Filing and Automated Assembling of Scenes based on search criteria 


* Independent Annotations


* Statistical Charts


* Graphical Presentation of both the players and ball transferson the sports field

* Mobility





SportScout ΝΕΤ

Network application for filing and feedback provision of audiovisual material via large video databases.

Among the main characteristics there can be mentioned:

  • * Filing of the whole audiovisual material
  • * Almost immediate event feedback 
  • * Very friendly to the end user
  • * The recorded audiovisual material can be transmitted through the local network video server in any type of videofile as well as a streaming video through the web video server
This application was successfully used at the Olympic Games of Athens 2004 with a total of 3,360 hours of video recording and filing at event level. 

SportScout VDB Server


SportScout 40

All-in-one Analysis System; a network application most suitable for capturing, filing as well as feedback provision of Audio Visual material via large Video databases. 

Its main characteristics could be briefly presented below:

  • * Videocapturing of the sports events from all potential sources with build-in software
  • * Filing and analyzing of the whole AV material based on approximately 40 different criteria
  • * Almost immediate video feedback and matching-together of all scenes of interest, which satisfy similar criteria
  • * User friendly application layout
  • * The stored audiovisual material can be transmitted immediately through the local network video server
  • * Ideal application for research and educational purposes.
SportScout 40

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SportScout is a spin off company established within the framework of the Innovation Pole of Central Macedonia,
a GSRT project funded by greek and european resources.